At SBS Motorcycles we have the latest Dynamometer from Dyna-Pro in a purpose built, dedicated dyno room.

All motorcycles, whatever their age and use will benefit from optimum fuel delivery. That is, the engine receiving the correct ratio of fuel and air mixture to burn most efficiently. This will not only make the bike much more crisp and responsive and a pleasure to ride, but could save you money in fuel, in the case of a lean condition, protect from early engine wear and damage.

An initial Dyno fuelling Analysis is 30.00 (+ VAT)
Dyno Labour is charged by the hour at 47.50 (+ VAT)

We can supply after market performance parts such as exhaust cans and full systems, air filters, quick shifters and any other goodies you can think of.
Perhaps you have a motorcycle with aftermarket parts already fitted but are still not happy with the performance, we can help with the fine tuning to achieve the most for you and your motorcycle.

DynaPro Interceptor

  • The Worlds Most Advanced Aftermarket Electronic Tuning Technology.
  • Retune up to 8 Injectors - Full sequential injector mapping, individual control of primary and secondary fuel rail. Set-up fuelling for each gear to maximise performance.
  • Datalog your race or ride - to any USB memory stick. Upto 32 channels of configurable data available.
  • Adjust traction control - on all supported bikes.
  • Response Control System - giving you the sharpest throttle response at all RPM positions.
  • Quickshifter Support - compatible with all makes.
  • Full Ignition Control - on all pro units +/- 12 degrees adjustability. Individually map each cylinder.
  • Auto Tune - with additional wideband lambda controller, interceptor automatically adjusts the fuelling.
  • Other features - Map change switch, pit lane speed limiter, turbo boost control, multiple outputs inc shift light, built in diagnostics.

Dynojet Power Commander
Want more power and performance from your motorcycle? Is the air to fuel ratio way off? You need a power commander! Even standard motorcycles can gain from fitting a power commander. Sometimes small gains in output can make noticeable improvements on the track and road.

Already got a Power commander unit fitted? Did you know that the downloaded maps from dynojets website are safe maps for each motorcycle and are only 90% tuned. A custom fuelling map is 100% optimised for your motorcycle.

Dynapro Dynamometer at SBS

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