At SBS Motorcycles we have the latest fault finding and diagnostics equipment from Probike, the Navigator TXB. This allows us to plug directly into the motorcycles wiring system to read error codes, check for faults and reset errors. Most new motorbikes from BMW, Aprilia, KTM, Triumph, in fact nearly all new bikes (including Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki etc) have complex electrical systems that can only be accessed using this type of equipment. 

This type of system is also shared with Quad's and jet ski's so allows us to offer diagnostic services for these vehicles too.

Current emissions legislation means that virtually all new bikes are fitted with fuel injection with an ECU which needs checking, just like any other part of the bike. The latest additions to bikes' electronics systems are complex CANBUS networks which integrate individual electronic systems (fuel-injection, CO adjustment, immobiliser, fault codes, service lamps, ABS) - even scooter manufacturers use CAN systems now.

The Probike Navigator TXB uses Windows IDC4 software with Bluetooth connection between the bike and PC. With the Navigator TXB it is possible to read and erase error messages, check system parameters, reset service warning lights, adjust fuelling, perform active tests and much more. The PC software includes additional features like wiring diagrams and video information showing diagnostic connection locations etc. A further feature of the IDC4 software is the ability to store diagnostic information from the vehicle and save this using the registration number. This enables us to recall the bike's data, previous service information and test results at a later date thus saving valuable labour time and saving you money.

Probike Navigator TXB

Motorcycle fault diagnosis

Error code finding and resetting